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22 06 2004

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03 10 2004

Review Central expanding...



   Soo, even though the URC itself have sufferent major downtime due to lack of reviewers (that work), we are still expanding to contain the newcoming Map Review Central. We changed some logos, wrote a new database and actually have that part of us working. Now, all that is left are submissions of maps from you, people. Those of you that want to have a map walked through and dissicated down to the ground level, don't be shy and step forward. Submit your creation to us in [ this ] topic.


   Yeah, I'm well aware that you CAN'T SEE THAT SECTION at the moment. That is only because it's empty like an empty can... Thus I'm not really done with the side bars for it right now. It should be fully up and running within a week, unless something strange happens.


   And if you want to help our sad unit update status, you can always make a [ public ] review... just so you know.


- Storm


01 09 2004

Hey, we're not dead!



   Cour Truth is while I myself got burned out, progress on URC is still made. In fact, we are currently expanding and merging with the upcoming Map Review Central, that (obviously) reviews maps as nothing before. They have made several reviews already, but as their database isn't quite complete yet you simply got to wait a while. As soon as I get all the needed fields, I will construct it in a whim by the glorious Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V commands.


    Fucking time goes so fast it ain't funny. I hate time. Like... a lot.


- Storm


25 07 2004

Slow update


    Updating the database fucking sucks. It took me two hours yesterday to fix as few as ten reviews and beside the 140 actual reviews I have in my storage, I have quite a number of revisions and updates and stuff, so it gonna take me a good, nice while until this new listing is completed and put up as the default list. Until then, I fixed the Latest 20 link to show the last reviews I've put up, which will not only give you a hint of how much shit there is left to do, but perhaps show some of the latest reviews and revisions. The one I just did, btw is the Arm Light Tiger from Designed 4 Demolition, so shees, go check it out.


    Also note that while I update the reviews, I correct unjust and too lenient scores I've given out in my naive and irrational youth. Several top-notched units have been pushed down beneath the 8.0 barrier while several others at last got the score they rightfully deserved.

- Storm