URC Public Reviews



For those who don't know how to find out the information inside the unit file, please consult our tutorials page (up soon), but even without more advanced knowledge, you probably still have opinions and are welcome to share them with the rest of the TA community. If there are fields that you don't know of, just leave them blank and the staff will fill them in for you.




Rules and disclaimer:


Unit Review Central, it's members and owners are in no kind of way responcible for anything written in the public reviews. The contents of the public reviews does not necessary mirror the views of URC and don't follow our ethical laws, such as having the permission of the unit author or not insulting the creator(s). The URC staff can and will moderate submissions that have nothing to do with reviews, include porn images or contain illegal actions, such as racist comments or snide remarks at ethnical, religious, sexual and mechanical groups. Reviews conscisting of spam or incomprehensive grammatic gibberish or the the slightest pimping of the author's own unit(s) will never see the light of the day.


As long as you provide us with a correct and working link to the unit you are reviewing, the URC staff will extract and upload the needed pictures, correct table mistakes and generally fix minor flaws. If you forgot to add or want to change the contents of a review, either contact Storm or retype and re-upload the review. Exessive abuse of this generosity by spamming the list full of copies will result in death for all versions.


There is no entrance for the total score, since it is counted automatically and with lethal effiency by the script. The scores reach from 0 to 10 for each sub-part. Reviews with flawed scores will be discarded


Also note that in cases where the script score is not counted, you should enter "-1" in the score field.



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