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Screamer8.0Core, lvl2

missile bomber

Invirigator7.0Core, lvl1

angry Instigator

Lihp7.3Core, lvl1

Instigator v1.2

Tometekure5.9Core, lvl2

gauss warship

Transistor6.0Core, lvl3

flying ball

Krait7.5Arm, lvl2

Flash-alike Hover

Light Tiger4.5Arm, lvl2

another hovercraft

Ogre7.7Arm, lvl2

amphibious Can

Jupiter7.6Core, lvl2

neutron tank

Wheeler6.3Core, lvl2

laser wheel

Mojo7.6Arm, lvl1

spikey tank

S.TA.R. Wave7.1Core, lvl2

Crock on steroids

Slick7.2Arm, lvl1

A.K. wannabe

Blade7.3Core, lvl1

total chaos

Maradeur7.3Arm, lvl1


Purge6.8Core, lvl1

pyro tank

Covert7.6Arm, lvl2

stealth tank

Killer Machine7.4Arm, lvl2

Peewee with style

Devil Fish7.4Core, lvl1

fast submarine

Greyhound7.5Arm, lvl2

Command... or not

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