Illusion C.A.N.A.D.A. Core, lvl2

advanced scout


[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    1417 Weapon1    purple laser
Metal    495 Range    600 [ 300 ]
Armor    870 Damage/sec    107 [ 45 ] [ 20 ]
Buildtime    6400    
Maxvelocity    4.2    
Turnrate    419 [ 819 ]     







Update: Read the complete older review here.


Re-revision: Read the complete review of the old version here.


Revision: Read the complete review of the original unit here.



Buildpic: The unit is very messy and I can't for the grace of me not see the barrel or any similarities to the present unit at all for that matter. The model has been changed, but the buildpic have not been altered for some reason. Why I never mentioned this, I do not know [0]. The background is still nice however, I can not object [3]. Besides the wakes, the merging is non-existent for the (old) model is clumsy shaded and besides the small wake trail, there is no actual sign that the ship is placed there [0].

Buildpic: 3 [ 8.5 ] [ 4 ]


Model: The model have been resized to 1.5 times the Searcher size while the bi-hulls have been joined with the main body. No useless faces as far as I can see and the biggest flaw is that the unit ground plate isn't slimmed. However is still got minor problems to merge with the rest of the OTA ships and to cure that problem, I'd suggest that you lesser the side-angle on the bi-hulls (I mean like from /-=-" a bit towards |-=-|) [3]. Texturing has been improved as well, but the cannon is still hard to spot. I see around two or three faces that could be colored different, but the big whole is fine for me, especially now when the desired Cavedog 3D effects have been added [5]. The corpse, however, haven't been changed at all and have been left with same bad-ass textures as before, doubled up with the fact that the corpse don't correspond the model so much anymore [0].

Model: 8 [ 3 ] [ 1 ]


Script: None really... only aiming.

Script: Not counted


Balance: Yep, completely balanced in my opinion. All changes I suggested last time have been implemented and the unit is now perfect. It got hell of a range and pretty high damage/second ratio, but since the turret is so slow, it's not much of an active fighter. Good work...

Balance: 10 [ 1 ] [ 0 ]


My score: This time, I'll keep it. : )


BTW, something that does disturb me a bit is that the laser have such long duration and low velocity. Due to that, I've sometimes seen that when the unit fire and moves, the origin point of the beam is fixed while the boat moves away. When in full speed, this bug may cause the start of the beam to be transferred all the way back to the /bridge" are and that looks really odd, I assure you.

My score: 8


Total Score: 7.7   [ 9.1 ]   [ 3.7 ]   [ 1.2 ]



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