Welcome to the Monument of Agony, the unholy place where the URC crew detains the most awfully overpowerful units and conducts horrible experiments on them. This is the place where the super-overpowerful unit end their miserable lives. This punishment is permanent and once it take place, the sad, fading remnants of the unit will forever dwell in this terrible place as a dream long lost, as a light long gone. No update will help your cause for even though the unit is better, the shadow of it's former self will always be present. No pleads will help, no prayers will work. This is a land of shadows, a place of darkness. Once caught you can never make it back. Rest in pieces...







  Furtive Atomic Power Station 3.5 M.A.G.M.A.
  GRX-714 3.4 Central Consciousness
  Tomcat 1.7 TAMMO
  Broadside 0.9 Designed 4 Demolition
  Severation 0.2 SI-Tech