Furtive Atomic Power Station MAGMA Arm, lvl2

Fusion on steroids


Energy    19521 Weapon1    n/a
Metal    2745    
Armor    1279    
Buildtime    48691    



Produces 10,000 energy







Review by Storm. Read Tactical Commander's version here.



Buildpic: The only negative thing I can say about the buildpic is that the background is a bit boring. Unit 3, backround 2.5, merging 4.

Buildpic: 9.5


Model: The face count is among the extreme and the detail amount is beautifully and very provessionally overdone beyond imagination. Many faces left on the underside, many faces wasted on the countless globes (okay, I amit it, I can't count longer than to four) and a horde of faces threwn away on detils that are hardly seen in-game anyway. The model could have some use if aligned to Core (that is known for those globus-fusions) but here in the property of Arm, it fits worse than a condom in a pile of pancakes. It does look a bit futuristic and the basic conscept is okay, but it is completely and utterly unfitting in OTA sheme [1.5]. The texturing is semi-good. It looks shaded in-game despite the fact that it completely lacks CD:3D, but it overabuses all the flashing textures available to man. Painful. And where the HELL are the logo textures? [1] And where the HELL is the corpse? [0]

Model: 2.5


Script: n/a

Script: Not counted


Balance: To make a long story short, this plant costs twice as much as the Arm Cloakable Fusion Plant, yet produces TEN FUCKING TIMES as much energy. The sky is all of a sudden covered with fire and the chainsaw of unbalance rooars of anger for this is an unforgetable and unforgivable sin that from this very day is oficially inscripted in the Monument of Agony. Rest in pieces.

Balance: 0-


My score: If there is some texture I really really hate, it is this blue-white flashing texture that people abuse when they make different energy facilities. I absolutely can't stand the horrible globes that change color all the time in a really awful pattern. I can accept the colorful textures if they are correctly implemented as for example on the Core Energy Storage, but not the white-blue agony that make me claw my eyes. I swear, it is the texture of the devil... It is a creation of StarCraft... It is a stolen piece of imagination previously belonging to Michael Jackson. And do I really have to mention how unbalanced this shit is?

My score: 0-


Tactical Commander's Score: 3.5

Storm's Score: 3.0

Total score: 3.2

Download 21Kb