Severation SI-Tech Core, lvl1

pile of crap


Energy    2994 Weapon1    Instigator laser
Metal    500 Range    180
Armor    2102 Damage/sec    44
Buildtime    8675    
Maxvelocity    1.1 Weapon2    Instigator laser
Turnrate    300 Range    180


Radar and sonar



    Weapon3    Warlord laser
    Range    810









Buildpic: Now who the fcuk leaves the flares on when making a picture first of all? I mean, I've been in the unit downloading, then later creating and now reviewing business for many many years. I've looked through hundreds upon hundreds of unitpics, yet I have never seen someone leave the flares in the buildpic. The unit angle is completely wrecked... well, actually it doesn't matter how you turn the black blob around, it will be a blob anyway but in this specific case, the blob have taken a very specific angle of existence that really, really damage the eyes of the viewer (n this case reviewer). And I don't really know if I should mention anything about the high/low poly when you can't see any specific parts of the unit besides the flares. The unit is also too zoomed out, you get the impression that it is small and neat in-game (which it's not) [0]. There is also the most boring background you can choose... sure it's painted desert and yeah, it got patterns on, but it is so big and so flat, it's not even funny. Please look on the M.A.R.S. buildpic, which I personally found to be one of the best I have in my collection [1]. And finally the completely non-existent merging... I mean why even bother? There are NO shadows and there are NO shades on neither the unit nor the background (the ground shading is not because of illumination) [0].

Buildpic: 1


Model: Look at the 3DO Builder and in-game screenshots I provide you with... do you see the slightest bit of innovative design? I don't. It's a friggin box rounded up a bit on the top and bottom and what the hell are the turrets there for if you never see them in-game? And how large is a level 1 unit supposed to be? I mean this one is so large it turns through the walls of the Core Vehicle plant when it's building. The creator has thought about the face count a bit, so he removed many on the direct underside of the model, but I still see dozens of useless faces on the tracks and on the underside of the barrels. Well, something positive is that this unit got rather low face count, but a single cube as a model does as well. There is no damn place for the barrels to rotate on (but it doesn't seem to bother the creator since they simply don't) and there is nothing elegant at all with this model [0]. The texturing can not be worse, what we see here is the "bottom of the bottom", the "crap of the crap", the most worthless design ever. Not only have the creator chosen to color every fucking bit of the unit in the same bloody texture, he have also chosen one of the darkest ones. I keep whine about that people should use shades on the left and right of the unit to receive the so called "Cavedog 3D" where the unit looks much better in the game. This time, I won't even bother, this texturing is so bad, I just want to take the largest Sledge Hammer I have and completely demolish the unit. Now, why even care about placing out the friggin logo textures when you know that it was you who built the unit and it therefore only responds to your commands? WHY, O WHY IS THIS TEXTURING SO FARKING UGLY, I WANNA GO HURT SOMEBODY [00]. And the corpse? Where is the bloody corpse? Why does this unit leave a Bulldog corpse when demolished when the Bulldog isn't even of the same side and this unit doesn't look the slightest bit like the elegant Arm tank? [0]

Model: 0


Script: THIS FRIGGIN UNIT DON'T EVEN CARE TO AIM THE BARRELS ! It just shoots wherever it pleases to shoot and don't care the slightest if the target is placed in front or behind it. Just look on the in-game pic up there ! Does your tank or your neighbors tank or the tank you parked next to this morning have an absolute absence of aiming scripts? Just think about how much better real life tanks would be if they could fire straight left without even bothering to turn the barrel ! In normal cases, the script is not counted when the unit only got standard aiming animation and restore delay functions, but this time it's farking madness !

Script: 00


Balance: First of all, what the fuck does this unit do in the level 1 vehicle plant? The costs are set to 500M and it's more than 90% of the level 2 mobile units and why is the unit of it's "weak level 1" magnitude equipped with a extreme Warlord laser? The Warlord costs fortunes and packs only two weapons, whereof the laser probably is the most effective one. So why does the Sewer... erm Severation get one of the most powerful and effective lasers in the game for a purty cost of 500 metal units? Look at the Shaolin, for example... it costs almost half as much metal as this unit while it packs a copy of the much lighter Gaat Gun laser (that got much much shorter range than the extreme corbats weapon). To maintain balance between the damage/second plus range and the costs, the weapon is in fact slowed down in the script, but such tactics are lame aren't they? No, units should cost less and deal more damage on longer range, isn't that so? I mean why do we even bother to balance our units to fit in the game because it's just hard to play then. If we create extreme 1337 power units that can kill off half of the map within fifteen seconds we will always win, won't we? And that is the purpose: To win every time...

Balance: 000


My score: May I quote the unit description?



"This was the first tank to be made by SI-TECH it holds a Gat laser,commander laser and a llT laser."


Uh, none of the weapons were right: it got two Instigator lasers and one big fat Warlord laser. I mean isn't there some kind of a problem when the creator don't know what weapons the unit got?


This is what I found in the readme:



This is a tank equipt with lasers. It fires the odd Gat gun so deploy it near an ARM base and attack it takes heavy damage but delivers awsome power.....

The Core Commander decided to come up with severation just after his base was attacked by 50 heavy arm kbots so the engineers at SI - TECH came up with this huge tank the urgent commander took the prototype and deployed it straight away just 1 problem... there was a flaw...The armour was not Titaianium it was just steel the plas were destroyed in a fire so this is it.. lets hope it survives to tell the tale...


Myself, that is known to make a lot of misspellings and grammar mistakes have found over 20 counting misspellings, avoiding of dots and other marks that normal sentences should be equipped with. Then I also more or less fail to see the logic behind the larger parts of the description. "This urgent commander" for example or "The plans were destroyed in a fire". Yeah, I too think that big huge robots, electronic patterns, that Core are still use PAPER after 4000 years of total war. The same counts for both titanium and steel. The way some engineers can develop a massive undefeatable tank just like that does surprise me a lot and the brilliant Core Commander that only after being raided by 50 units comes up with the brilliant idea of making "A tank that can crush - everything - you - can - spell - to - and - your - mother" and by that win the war.


Oh, comean! the creator must have seen this creation in game among the other OTA units avaible and if he isn't completely blind, it really takes much skill to not to spot that the unit both looks and behave brutally different than the other ones around it. What is the major malfunction of the over-kill factor that this unit posesses. I really doubt the someone responsible for the actrocity of creating this unit have ever played as Arm and encountered at least one of these farking tanks at anytime... I mean few defences can withstand it's main weapon and you would brobably be wiped out before you ever knew it. Forget the burning trash bin of hell, for I will disable this unit personally this time !! FOR THE GRACE OF AN IMAGINARY GOD: DEATH TO THE SEVERATION !! LET IT BURN IN HELL !! BBUUUUURRRRNNN !!


As the final moral end of this burning review, I must say this: If you can't make units, we can help you, but don't you dare to officially release a unit that holds no value at all or pimping your site full of incomplete or damaged units. And I beg all you unit makers to gently look through your entire unit before releasing it or you will end up like this:



*Known Bugs
The tank will fire withen range tho the flares still point forward..
if u have any animations for the turrets contact me at

The last line piss me off.

My score: 0000


Total Score: 0.2

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