Ever felt that other look down on you with that special little smile and you instantly know that they think you are ugly? Fear not for you've came to the right place. Compared to the The Septic Tank lads you are a supermodel... the etarnal grace that everyone want to touch (or shoot), even if you have the face of Bush and the body of Saddam (featuring dangling breasts among other things). This is your turn to point and laugh at the mutilated creations that had the greatest unfortune to end up at URC, the kindest unit review central of them all (there is only one. Laugh now). No actually... URC is merciless and this bunch of units were so extremely ugly that their reviewers are permanently stuck in various drug addictions, overgrown alcohol consumption and constant leaking of diesel oil. The total sum of all eye operations does supersede the bill for Michael's plastic surgeries (you know which Michael) and the number of keyboards smashed into pieces is just too large for a human mind to imagine. Remember, boys and girls, if you suddenly get infected by Hepatit A or if your monitor implodes without any clear intention upon viewing one of these monsters, URC is not to blame. You are watching this at your own risk.


And don't show this to your mom, for Christ sake. Moms are fragile, she will get a heart attack and die. Send use money instead.







  Bhaal 0.8 Lord Doomer
  M-15 Ravageur 0.7 Lord Doomer