Terrier M.A.D. TA Arm, lvl1

fire support tank


[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    1160 Weapon1    light cannon pulse
Metal    146 Range    420
Armor    635 [ 755 ] Damage/sec    20.8
Buildtime    2393    
Maxvelocity    2.77    
Turnrate    485    
Special    n/a    






Revision: Read the review of the previous version here.


Re-revision: Read the complete review of the original version here.



Buildpic: In all ways exellent... still...

Bildpic: 10 [ 8 ]


Model: The barrels are larger, better detailed and it is a snap smaller now, yet there are these pesky useless bunch of faces that the owners clearly refuse to remoe no matter how much I try [3.5]. The texturing is at it's best now... [5]. Nice corpse [1].

Model: 9.5 [ 8 ] [ 7.5 ]


Script: The model lacks a sleeve and therefore, all barrels are aimed separately in the x-axis. The wheels look very good when they spin just like small wheels use to spin.

Script: Not counted


Balance: The minor flaw it was equipped with have been removed and this unit is now highly balanced. Congratulations...

Balance: 10


My score: I like level 1 units that are well-made. This one is almost perfect...

My score: 10


Total score: 9.8   [ 9.5 ]   [ 7.9 ]

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