D-fens Wormhole Productions Core, lvl3

advanced fortification


[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    11327 [ 10867 ] Weapon1    Punisher style cannon
Metal    2463 [ 2363 ] Range    1350
Armor    3862 Damage/sec    160
Buildtime    16765    
Maxvelocity    0    
Turnrate    30    









Update: Reviewed the unfortunate soul again with the new Harsh Rules™. Read what it was before here.


Revision: Read the complete review of the ancient version here.



Buildpic: The picture do look pretty descent after all, although I miss the layer of mist in the original version. However, the very mystic illumination on the inside of the barrels troubles me a lot.

Buildpic: 9 [ 7 ] [ 10 ]


Model: Actually, now when I look upon it again with updated visuals it seems to me that this model is actually plain ugly. Most because of the brutal lack of details and complete lack of connection to the OTA style. A couple of barrels on either side thus some fancy thing on the other could have done it, but this is an igloo, wherever you want to or not. Sure the barrels look fancy but that's about it... [2]. The texturing is plain awful, painfully lacking variation. There is a clear overabuse of logos to left and right and the basic rules of shading are brutally ignored [1]. Corpse is fine [1].

Model: 4 [ 9 ] [ 4 ]


Script: Standard aiming and some barrel recoil.

Script: Not counted


Balance: All my request were fulfilled *applause in background*.

Balance: 10 [ 9 ]


My score: Unfortunately, this unit is nowadays expelled from my /totala folder due to uglyness. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My score: 2 [ 7 ]


Total Score: 8.2   [ 9.0 ]   [ 8.0 ]



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