D-fens Wormhole Productions Core, lvl3

advanced fortification


[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    11327 [ 10867 ] Weapon1    Punisher style cannon
Metal    2463 [ 2363 ] Range    1350
Armor    3862 Damage/sec    160
Buildtime    16765    
Maxvelocity    0    
Turnrate    30    








Revision: Read the complete review of the old version here.



Buildpic: This version of the buildpic looks much more sterile than thee old one. The old model was scratched and marked of the battles and the terrain was much more inpredictable than current. The major difference is by my opinion the different use of lightsource. Compare here for yourself.

Buildpic: 7 [ 10 ]


Model: The new model looks much better than the old one and is easier to animate too. The new long barrels looks very good to me (because I happen to like long barrels... mmm... BB) and their way to be mounted into the body as well. A great improvement, with other words [4]. The texturing has been improved as well to fit the new design, but unfortunately, the logos are a bit missplaced. Change positopn of the light and dark logos so the bright get the top spot and the dark the rest. There is also too much logotyping at the bottom, try to color just every other cace-piece. Much better detail ammount in the script, so the score is bumped here too [4]. Wonderful... a shading on the allready wrecked corpse. You michgt consider at least one of the barrels to lie a bit longer away from the body in a relatively straight form, but it is enough for me right now [1].

Model: 9 [ 4 ]


Script: Standard aiming and some barrel recoil.

Script: Not counted


Balance: All my request were fulfilled *applause in background*.

Balance: 10 [ 9 ]


My score: I hate the Ambusher because it got shorter range than a Pun and therefore useless in my eyes even though it can take a major beating when folded in. This is just a unit I've searched for to build by my adv. units when not pumping fusions and berthas and now when the model is proper, it's place is secured in my totala folder... BTW, I love the new long barrels : D

My score: 10 [ 7 ]


Total Score: 9.0  [ 8.0 ]



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