Programs for unit making

Often asked questions concern the software needed to create units. Here are the links:

1. Get a 3d-program. Most of those freeware crap programs doesn’t work, since you cant merge and explode faces. Get a Rhino3d demo from or get a copy of StudioMax somewhere.


2. Get the HPIViewer. That program is a key in your education where you can look and compare your scripts/settings/mostly anything else with others.


3. Get the 3DO Builder. It's the key in the unitmaking process. You can actually make whole units just in 3DO Builder, but it takes very long time. Be sure to read the help files and tutorials for this program (I have attached a homemade tutorial. Thanks to Wardruid for letting me use it). It's hard in the beginning, but the more you use it, the more do you find the program genius.


4. Get the Scriptor. It is the utility where you animate your unit.


5. Get the Gaf Builder Pro, the Gaf Editor or if you are just goung to make a simple buildpic, Manic GAFactory is adviced. That's where the buildpic for your unit compiled. It is the first impression of the unit that other people get and is very important.


6. Get the FBIEd 4.0 or Fred. Those programs make the states of the unit and are the very base in unitmaking. These programs are not really necessary and most people simply use Notepad, but for a rookie, it might feel safer to have a helping program.


7. The HPIPack - the end of the unit process. It compiles the scripts and models into real units that can be used in TA.


8. Be sure you get the TA Conflict Crusher. The TA:CC is needed to fix the downloaded units that doesen’t show up in game anywhere or don’t fire or something similar. A very good all-around program that is quite helpful. You can also download TA:M(utation). That utility serves a patch/race – mod switcher/Conflict Crusher at the same time and I personally love it... However, it kinda removes all Core Contingency units in multiplay, so I reccomend this program only if you don't play online or have a separate install for multiplayer games.


9. Read the tutorials at They are great. There are some tutorials attached to this post. Some of them are made by me (the ones that guides you to make a walking kbot – The Emporer that is avaible at Designed for Demolition) and therefore don’t have the best quality avaible. Big thanks to Wardruid for promision to publish them for everyone.


10. Examine other's work and learn! Read other's scripts and watch their models. Come up with a brilliant idea and make it come true!