Rhino3D tutorial The first one is a professional tutorial to Rhino3D ( www.rhino3D.com ).


Model tutorial A minor tutorial from my side on how to manage and export a unit with Rhino3D.


3DO Builder Tutorial Is a 3DO Builder tutorial made by me and therefore rather messy.


Unit tutorial

A final-unit-construction tutorial (also made by me god I feel effective ;)) that learns (hopefully, that is) out how to construct a unit-tree and how to script. This tutorial is not really finished, since I lost my speed in the end, but I believe that there is more than enough for any rookie here. Beware, this one was hardest to write and therefore is extremely messy so bare with me.


The old help The help files I learned from long ago


Mega tutorial An all-in-one file for the ones that dislikes single downloads.



Keep an eye on this page, because many tutorials that have been in progress for long time will be released soon. As for the very important Proud's scripting guide.