Ziggo Complete Annihilation Core, lvl2

heavy light tank


Energy    5381 Weapon1    Zipper laser
Metal    2783 Range    210
Armor    1500 Damage/sec    50
Buildtime    12790    
Maxvelocity    2.3    
Turnrate    600    
Special    n/a    





Buildpic: There is a very unrealistic look in the picture. The barrels are unclear and shaded in a strange way and the rest of the model follows the pretty same style [1]. The background couldn't be more unnatural than a flawless and flat terrain than can not be seen in a three-dimensional way iven if you really try to [0]. The shadow of the unit says one thing while the shading of the unit says another thing and the background claims a third... [0]

Bildpic: 1


Model: The model is too flat and squarish as hell. The only trace of some kind of rounding up are the front and back of the tracks (that should be a good example for how the antagonist's tracks should look instead) and the cocpit. Well, there are not much left, but it don't look good anyway. Only 3 of about 20 faces have been removed on the underside and that isn't the best thing to leave intact if you let me review units ; ). The barrels are placed in a way that I find unnatural [1]. The texturing on the other hand is much better and while the model got many flaws, the texturing is shining bright. It is too dark, yes, but thee different textures somehow seem to fit each other in a strange way [4]. The corpse is really wrecked and for once looks good in-game even though it only got one texture [1].

Model: 6


Script: Standard aiming script.

Script: Not counted


Balance: Underpowered... underpowered... underpowered. It costs close to 20 times as much as the zipper, got the same weapon, but is slower and only got tripple armor. For the same costs you would have enough Storms to kill this guy over and over again. Perhaps 30 or maybe 40 times. But, instead of giving it better weapons or increasing the armor, please consider lowering the costs. 

Balance: 2


My score: Uhu... uhu... u-hu...

My score: 0


Total score: 2.7