Gryphon TADD Core, lvl2

anti-air on steroids


Energy    12812 Weapon1    AA only missile
Metal    800 Range    2750
Armor    701 Damage/sec    56
Buildtime    26013    
Maxvelocity    11.5 Weapon2    AA only missile
Turnrate    640 Range    400





    Weapon3    AA only missile
    Range    400







Buildpic: I can not require more. This pic got action and it got style...

Buildpic: 10


Model: Ok, let me get this straight: This lady isn't the slightest elegant. The rear wings look good for themselves, but in combination with the /hot dog" hull and the front wings (that in my honest opinion are ugly as hell) it looks more of a submarine that have been hammered in the head for fifty hours straight. The hull and the so called /fuel tanks" also wastes many faces but gives very little in return. A desperate try to bring forth a newer design to rule the skies [1]. The texturing sucks, especially bad on the hull and the cockpit parts while somewhat good on the wings (while however, horribly abusing the logo textures). There is no sign of 3D texxing except for on the underside where everything is dark... [1]. There is no corpse, but planes don't really need one if the killed subscript is written properly [1].

Model: 6.5


Script: Wing folding, barrel rolls and landing gears. The latter ones looks rather good, but are basically worthless among OTA planes...

Script: Not counted


Balance: GAAAH (is this a bad sign?)!! First of all, all the weapons this unit possesses are anti-air only and it can therefore not be included in the base raid team. It is however exellent in fighting aircrafts and can't really be compared with other OTA planes, so I took the liberty of comparing it to another similar unit: The Copperhead. Now, the Copper range is equal to the Gryphon's (750 against 2x100 and 1x2750). The d/s ratio of the Copperhead is pathetical 136 where the Gryphon twists itself into majestic (completely overreacted by my own words) 256. The Copperhead moves at the snaily speed of 1 while the previusly mentioned aircraft have 11 times higher speed (that is eleven for those of you that are unable tou count for yourselves). Have I also mentioned that one of the units is equipped with a bad-ass radar coverage and that the very same winged half of the competitors have twice as much armor? What if I said that the costs of these two units only differ with 86 metal (about 10% increase/decrease value), which of them would you rate the most useless? Well, I know that the flak shots are faster and have a theoretical higher hit ratio, but despite that fact, the Gryphon is so overgrown in every aspect it's not even funny. I regret for not enabling negative scores.

Balance: 0


My score: Oh, for the grace of an imaginary god, this unit will fly towards the imminent destruction (/recycling/, as Microsoft calls it) in the ever burning trash bin of hell. My personal score is so far below zero, I consider applying it to the Guiness' book of records.

My score: 0, zero, null, nothing, nadas, inget, none...


Total Score: 5.1

Download 138Kb

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