Ogre Mayhem Inc Arm, lvl2

amphibious Kbot

[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy††† 7900 [ 6900 ] Weapon1††† Sumo laser
Metal††† 875 [ 775 ] Range††† 300
Armor††† 2000 [ 2200 ] Damage/sec††† 276.2
Buildtime††† 18000
Maxvelocity††† 1.25 [ 1.3 ] Weapon2††† Manual Torpedo
Turnrate††† 186 Range††† 400
Special††† Amphibious Damage/sec††† 44.4†

Revision: Read the complete review of the old version here. Mayhem staff told me that they got an even more updated version on the move, so you can allready consider this unit to have higher score. : )

Buildpic: At first, before trying the unit, I thought that it had wicked arms and such, but donít let your eye be fooled, those ďArmsĒ are two wide laser cannons that aims on your face there (or slightly beneath it :P ). Anyway, although it doesnít look so OTAish, it looks cool. The background is nice, although it is a bit dark. I wish I could give it higher, but youíll have to be satisfied with a 3 there. The unit, as I said is a little weird for some people that havenít tried it out, but the rest is nice. 2.5 for that, since the model also is a bit too dark and somewhat messy. The unit and background mix perfectly except that the Ogre must have stood there for hours, no wake in sight. But since no one else uses the slightest wakes on their water renders, you get full points here.

Bildpic: 8

Model: I like the model, except the legs, mainly because they look stupid in-game. Just two black cubes and thatís it. They should also be placed a bit higher up (or the rest of the body lower down), because people will tend to think that it walks. But I certainly like the shoulders and the way the head is placed.You get a 3 here. The texturing is ok, but way too dark. It looks nice in a comfortable zoom in 3DO Builder, but in-game the shoulders and the legs blend together and you get a feeling that it shouldnít look like that. Anyway, Use something light on the shoulders and change the dark team color to the bright variant and you will score better here next time. 2.5 is what you receive for texturing. The corpse is there, to my satisfaction ( :P ), but itís only the very same model that have been retextured and folded in. No downwarding faces are removed (or at least untextured) to ease the memory for the comp, butsome time have been spent on this to make it look good, and so does it in-game, so you get your 1 point there. Happy now :)

Model: 7 [ 6.5 ]

Script: I was about to set this low because Iíve mistaken the proportions of the bot and waited for it to walk, but I discovered my fault in time Ė lucky me, huh? :P Anyway, I like the fire animation because itís rather simple and logically brilliant, but you need to impress me with something more before I give away a top-mark.

Script: 7

Balance: The costs are higher and the balance is better. Actually I rated this too low last time, so the score should be bumped up even more. However, the people of Mayhem have complained that I compare and set the Core Sumo laser as equal to to the HLT laser in my first review. I've done some reasearch on the two weapons and found that they are indeed equal... The Sumo laser (SL) is shorter, 300 pixels is themax range as stated above in the weapon1. The HLT on the other hand have 400 in range (the Arm version actually got even 430). The difference in the firerate between the two weapons is 0.1 second, but the SL does 276 damage and the HLT only 190. The HLT can't move and therefor should have a longer range, but the Sumo can move and should, for most balance have shorter range simply so enemy units can get into their fire range until annihilated.

Balance: 7 [ 6 ] [† 2 ]

My score: Since the balance is bad, it doesenít matter how good the other things are for me, so this unit get a bad start here :(. Anyway, when I look into 3DO, I see lots and lots of useless faces. Usually people tend to work for most detail for minimum faces, but you have forgotten a horde of those pesky faces. I could with ease remove at least 30 faces without affecting the look of the model, and you could save 20 more, by slight changes. The corpse is also awfully loaded with useless textures (not one or two, but about 50). Still I like the model and buildpic. With some editing, youíll jump up high here. :) Ö until thatÖ

My score: 6 [1]

Total score: 7.1 [ 5.1 ]


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