Berserker Nick Core, lvl2

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[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    1972 Weapon1    Maverick style
Metal    244 Range    200
Armor    412 Damage/sec    200
Buildtime    2918    
Maxvelocity    2.29    
Turnrate    700    








Revision: Read the complete review of the old version here.



Buildpic: Purity.

Buildpic: 10


Model: Half of the useless faces have been removed - half of the useless faces score penalty has been disabled.

Model: 9.5 [ 9 ]


Script: WONDERFUL walking, pretty aiming and a bit flawed recoil (if the left arm shoots, why does the right arm pull back? Is it a kind of reflex, maybe?

Script: 10


Balance: This unit costs half as much metal and one fifth energy as the Maverick. The weapon has halved damage/second ratio and also close to halved range. The superior skills are the speed - that is almost doubled, the buildtime - that with sufficient metal flow gives you seven Berserkers running out from the plant until one Mav bothers to exit it's birth facility. Then we have the berserker ability. When surpressing fire, the armor somehow hardens and three times as much damage is needed to kill the unit. This leads to an enteresting strategic use.

Balance: 10 [ 8 ]


My score: Wonderful, excellent... I am lacking words. This is one of the unit's I've longed to see so long, where have you been? This is a yes, definite, absulute stay in the /totala folder and no one can take away the joy of this madness. And did I mention it's for Core? I can continue rambling back and forth about this matter forever, but I think it's best that you download and try it yourselves...

My score: 10+


Total Score: 9.9   [ 9.8 ]   [ 9.0 ]

Download 29Kb



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