Covert Insane Systems Arm, lvl2

stealth tank


[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    2364 Weapon1    Triton cannon
Metal    321 Range    320
Armor    1111 [ 1800 ] Damage/sec    62
Buildtime    6384    
Maxvelocity    1.7 [ 1.0 ]    
Turnrate    450 [ 325 ]    
Special    Stealth    





Revision: Read the complete review of the old version here.



Buildpic: Bah...

Buildpic: 10 [ 7 ]


Model: I don't really like the basic concept of OTA pointy tracks - I don't know why they are there, but they are for sure. However, I can not, as I previously did drop points for following OTA theme. Then either the turret (+ barrel) are too small for the body or the body is too large compared to the turret. My guess fall on the latter.[3]. The texturing is allright, although slightly too repetitive. additions on the top of the tracks with different textures would probably do the trick. The CD:3D is in shape, lacking only the seen inside of the track being lighter (as light falls from that direction [4.5]. The corpse is fine [1].

Model: 8.5 [ 5 ]


Script: Standard aiming. Modest recoil.

Script: Not counted


Balance: The unit has lost much of what armor it once had (now having a snap less than Triton), but gained a lot of speed and agility while placed in the level 2 plant. As a total, I must say that the Covert is overpowerful at the moment since it is beaten by the Triton only in armor while sharing the same weapon and the Stealth abilities are far superior to the amphibious ones. Just compare: To need a amphib unit you have to use a map with deep water and with relatively tight packed islands and how many maps provide that? To use a stealth tank, you only need land connection to your enemy and there are countless maps without water. If an amphibious unit is potted underwater, it is screwed because it's defenseless. If a peewee discover your stealth tank, the peewee is no more.

Balance: 6 [ 9 ]


My score: Better yet, since the obvious failure with the previous version, but not too good for me.

My score: 1 [ 0 ]


Total score: 7.4   [ 6.0 ]

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