Killer Machine Mayhem Inc Arm, lvl2

PeeWee with style


Energy    9087 Weapon1    Adv. EMG
Metal    800 Range    260
Armor    1820 Damage/sec    225
Max. Slope    14    
Maxvelocity    1.5    
Turnrate    520    
Special    n/a    





Update: Gamma made me realize that I was too harsh on the balancing.



Buildpic: The picture is excellent and fits very good with the OTA pics... Just being a bit too low poly.

Bildpic: 9


Model: Nice model, there are few faces that can be removed (the pelvis is one example) and it looks good. Just a pity of the face-waste on the front of the torso. It's made mostly for texturing purposes, but it seems rahter stupid to me [3.5]. The texturing is rather good, a bit too obusive on the logo texxes and the sides of the right shoulder should be a bit lighter [4.5]. The corpse looks rather good, but one of the arms should perhaps be in front or reaching out for something on the side, because just simple paralell to the body isn't so good... [1].

Model: 9


Script: Excellent walking and arming, but sometimes, the unit takes up to one and a half step after being stopped.

Script: 9


Balance: Upon looking on the Maverick stats, I realize that this unit is rather underpowered. The Mav costs 60% as much metal (though more energy), while this unit got twice as much armor. The big difference is in the weapon: The mav does 400 d/s at 340 range, while the Killer Machine emits a purty 225 d/s at the range of 260. Completely obsolete in other terms... With these stats in mind, you can actually drop the metal costs of this unit to 400-450 and get a ten point score. [ Edit ] However, I do rate underpowerful units higher than overpowered, but I seem to have forgotten that completely in this case. The Killer Machine does not deserve a zero. Please accept my apologies.

Balance: 5 [ 0 ]


My score: I hate EM(F)G... I'm always raided by Flashes and PeeWees online and they always lose. However, this one will not be jettisoned, but rather stored in the far-away-from-here backup storage chamber.

My score: 5


Total score: 7.4  [ 5.4 ]


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