Vanguard Wormhole Productions Arm, lvl1

naval Rocko


[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    6786 Weapon1    Navy rocket
Metal    675 Range    540
Armor    1813 [ 1688 ] Damage/sec    86
Buildtime    12939    
Maxvelocity    3.42 Weapon2    Navy rocket
Turnrate    250 Range    540









Revision: Read the complete review of the old version here.



Buildpic: The buidpic is improved very much in all areas, especially the background have been modified (to the better, of course). A very nice pic that looks very good among OTA. However, I feel fooled now when the action sequence is disabled... if you care to, you could turn the launchers towards the right side of the pic to create a more dramatic scene

Buildpic: 9.5 [ 5.5 ]


Model: Yes, it is close, but no... it does not manage to fit into my schematics with a handful faces (about 8). It seems to me, however that this ship have about as many faces/size as it's closest friend, the OTA Destroyer, so I will go and look over my limitations to make sure you fit in. Now, the model itself looks very OTA-ish and although I was repelled by the alien BP, I was really impressed by the model of this ship for it's hull screams /CAVEDOG" from a long distance. The hull curving look great and so does those two things in the back (I don't know what to call them). I was afraid that this day would come... I can't detect any useless or forgotten faces in the entire model and alas, I can't give you more than full, sorry [4]. The texturing follows the same scheme, being accurate and cavedoggish. Just beautiful to see in-game... [5]. After looking through the model, I had quite high expectations for the corpse and I was not disappointed. It have been wrecked and textured properly [1].

Model: 10


Script: There is only the aiming script, but it got a little flaw. You see, when firing straight forward or straight backward, this one of the launchers fire through the other. There are wasy of limiting a weapon to fire in certain angles, apply them.

Script: Not counted


Balance: The balance has been adjusted with a bit more armor. Fine for me, lemme just find the /Perfection" stamp.

Balance: 10 [ 9.5 ]


My score: Now, when the balance and buildpic issues have been edited, I have no other choice than improving my personal score. I also feel that the final score will annoy the Wormhole staff to the max. So close, but still so far...

My score: 10+ [ 10 ]


Total Score: 9.9   [ 8.6 ]

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