Revenger C.A.N.A.D.A. Core, lvl2

bloodthirsty fighter


[ Old values within brackets ]

Energy    8085 [ 10085 ] Weapon1    AA boosted missile
Metal    645 [ 845 ] Range    750
Armor    310 Damage/sec    27
Buildtime    26898 [ 29898 ]    
Maxvelocity    12 Weapon2    strikealot laser
Turnrate    3000 Range    600


Amphibious and stealth



    Weapon3    AA boosted missile
  missiles do 10 times Range    750
  the damage to aircraft







Revision: Read the complete review of the old version here.



Buildpic: Very nice buildpic. I'm sorry that my copy look fecked, but it is because you left a 150x120 pixel .pcx picture (that for obvius reasons can't show up in-game). The BP works fine and looks good...

Buildpic: 10 [ 8 ]


Model: Hmmm... This aircraft have an acceptable ammount of faces, yet manage to distribute them in many irrational ways. The wings on the cockpit are more of a burden than good looking and the tiny shark-flare on it's /back" is never seen anyway (if it is seen, it drowns among the other textures). The wings look very odd, I'd suggested that you remove the middle segment in each. The tinly /cabin/ model is useless as well, taking up eight faces for nothing. The main hull looks pretty sweet thou, too bad you built such odd things around it. The model has been sized down a bit and that is appreciated... [2]. The new texturing looks much better than the old one (well, I think anything looks better than the old textures). They are very dark, not really what I hoped to see after the buildpic (the builpic textures are perfect i my opinion) [2]. No corpse... [1].

Model: 5 [ 2 ]


Script: Standard wing-folding and one another barrel roll.

Script: Not counted


Balance: The costs were heavily cut. So heavily, that I feel it went a bit too far. If you cut the armor with 50 units, you would get a 10.

Balance: 9 [ 8 ]


My score: This seems much better now... if only you get rid of some of the odd faces (and the Star-Trek pointy ears), texture it lighter and change the black/purple laser into something more proper, you would manage to hold yourself in the game folder itself, but for now... please process to the backup storage chamber.

My score: 5


Total Score: 8.3  [ 6.5 ]

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