Shellshocker Mayhem Inc Arm, lvl2

Guardian with legs


Energy    15500 Weapon1    Ambusher cannon
Metal    2400 Range    910
Armor    2050 Damage/sec    100
Buildtime    36000    
Maxvelocity    0.86    
Turnrate    210    
Special    n/a    






Buildpic: Exactly same as the Gargoyle for the exact same reasons… (Very nice… The model have a cool angle and acceptable level of polys (i.e. no too low). The colors on the unit are a bit suspicious, through, since the model in-game is colored different. 3.5… The background is very nice, although the heaven far away have a bit mystic color. You get full on the background. Model and the rest mix perfectly with good shadow effects. No sign of misplaced light source. 3 on that.)

Buildpic: 9.5


Model: The model is cute, looks a bit like a turtle. Very original too btw. I like the “knee” joints although I doubt that those tiny legs could bear such burden as the big turtle-like metal thingy. As always I can count useless faces not one by one, but rather five by five. The legs have useless faces, and so does the major part of the body beneath the big green thing. It looks good in 3DO, but nowhere else. I also think that you could make the body a bit flatter but that is nothing major. You get 3 of 4 here. The textures are bright and good. I had no trouble to see what team the unit belonged to. You could make the middle part of the body a bit darker, but I don’t require it. What you should do is to texture the turret a bit different because I don’t see what turns the barrel in-game. Textures: 4… Again, too little care is spent on the unit corpse, but it does still look so bloody good in-game, so you get maximum, even through I think you don’t deserve it.

Model: 8


Script: I like it’s way of walking but you should either lower the speed of the unit or increase the speed of walk animation because the feet moves too slow compared to the ground. The walk animation is made by the “speed” tactic… impressive. You guys have to explain to me what the smoke thingy in the create() subscript. Me confused.

Script: 8


Balance: The first thing I noticed is that this guy is a Punisher with legs, but shorter range. My first impressions were that the unit was good balanced and later comparisons confirmed that it truly so. I can not require more from it. Furthermore, since it is mobile, it's hard to provide the same kind of extra protection that a ring of DTs offer and is therefore extra vulnerable to most kind of assaults.

Balance: 10


My score: Although I think that the barrel is too short and the turret is too small to be able to fire such a weapon, I like this unit. The excess of faces as usual annoy me a bit and so does the speed-animation part, but anyway…

My score: 9


Total Score: 9.1  




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