Fox Fox Arm, lvl1

uugly creature


Energy    2000 Weapon    n/a
Metal    50    
Armor    200    
Buildtime    2750    
Maxvelocity    5.0    
Turnrate    2000    
Special    n/a    





Buildpic: I almost crapped myself of laughter over this pic. It might just be me, but that is the ugliest fox I've ever seen. Not that it fits any TA theme, but you get one point merely beacue it is so funny.

Bildpic: 1


Model: The model is painfully stripped off all details but the tail that should be taken out and shot. A [ picture ] of all useless faces [0]. The texturing is very generally a pain to see [0]. There is no corpse [0].

Model: 0


Script: The walking is so flawed it's not even funny. the legs shake a bit and then whack themselves into each other in the middle of the body. The tail should at least have a spinning animation.

Script: 2


Balance: To expensive to use and get stuck behind obstacles.

Balance: 1


My score: Wow, this was botht the record for the fastest and shortest review of all times...

My score: 0


Total score: 1.0

Download 17Kb

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