Thumper Nikola Genkov Core, lvl1

missile tank


Energy    2000 Weapon1    Reaper cannon
Metal    325 Range    320
Armor    1100 Damage/sec    110
Buildtime    4800    
Maxvelocity    0.92 Weapon2    Skeeter missile
Turnrate    320 Range    700
Special    n/a Damage/sec    31





Buildpic: As you might have discovered already, the buildpic is not on of the greatest. This unit (and the rest of the pic) are too unsharp and the cannon is hard to distinguish from the rest of the body [1,5]. The background is a typical OTA design. Flat and boring... yuck [0]. There is no mixing at all, the unit is in wrong angle comparative to the ground, no sign of light effects or lack of light (shadows) [0]

Buildpic: 1.5


Model: First of all, I must remind you that this unit is very old. So old, that I played it myself int he early days. This is or at least seems to be one of his first units. The strange usage of faces and the very squarish design indikates on that. The tracks are textured under the body and on the underside in front and back. The tracks seem to have been squeezed or something, because there are about four times more faces that such tracks should have. The turret looks more like a refrigerator box than an actual turret and the flare is a bit too small and is places just too close to the barrel. But still, I don't know why, but it looks good. Might perhaps have some of the spirit that new unitmakers have in the beginning until they convert to lazy machines (like me, that is). That thing that holds the barrel in front is useless, btw [1]. When I first played, I found the texturing rather amusing and I still think so now. It is shaded properly and with good variation on the same theme, perhaps Nik were just lucky when he first made this or he might be the genius like they say. Just a shame that it got a bit too few logo textures. One more at the back of the turret would be enough [4]. No reason to give high corpse points here, because even though the unit is a bit twisted, everything got the same texture [0].

Model: 5


Script: Just aiming and a missile launcher that pops up. Nothing really special. 

Script: Not counted


Balance: I don't need much to consider, because it is obvious to me that this is unbalanced. For double costs, this guy got a three times as heavy cannon (that also got longer range) and a comparatively very strong missile. Just.. too.. much..

Balance: 4


My score: A nostalgic trip for me. This was one of the very first units I downloaded. I liked it alot until I one day played as Arm and got rushed by some. Then I finally realized that the better a unit is for one side, the worse it is for the other. Still like him though...

My score: 8


Total score: 3.6


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