NOTE: The reviews are not ment to dishonor the unitmaker or his skills, but merely a measure of how good one or more of his units really are. Through I might sound harsch in my reviews, I never aim any flames on the unitmaker on purpose. All cruel comments I make are turned to the unit solely and the unitmaker can anytime adjust the unit and resend them back to bump up the score. This is after several people actually token their scores very personally. Remember: No score is final, you can always push it up.


  My reviews work like this... I give points in five categories:

Buildpic: Maximum 10 points whereof 4 for the unit, 3 for the background (background is important) and 3 for how well the others two fit each other.

Model: Maximum 4 for model itself and 5 for it's textures. 1 for the corpse.

Script: Only counting special animation such as walking or on-off states. Standard aiming and wing folding for aircrafts are ignored. Maximum 10 points.

Balance: If you get the right amount of damage for your hard-earned metal. Up to 10 points here.

My score: This is how much I like the unit myself. This will not affect the rest of the scores at all since all people are different and I will for example tend to give Core units higher grades. I also dislike super-weapons, so they will probably score pretty low here, but that does not mean that they completely suck.

Summary: Here I gather all other scores (except my personal) and convert them to a final score. Balance is counted twice.


Please note that if I for example don't like the model of the unit, it will in no way affect the buildpic or the script score. I review the different parts as different parts. To order a review, go to the Unit Discussion Forum and make a new topic or mail to Don't forget that when I review, I am harsh and demanding, never take it personal.



Acceptable ammount of faces:

Small   [ PeeWee ]

Medium   [ Bulldog ]

Large   [ Krogoth ]

Tank 30 70 110
Kbot 40 100 200
Airplane 25 40 65
Boat 50 100 150
Sub 30 55 80
Defence 50 75 90


This schedule means that if you have less faces on your unit than the scheme says, I will not whine about high face-count of the unit. I will however still poke people for useless faces. Note that I don't count in flares and such objects that aren't constantly visible in-game into this. Having a 150-face flare pop up every ten seconds don't bother me so much, although I would be rather surprized if you put one on a PeeWee sized unit.