Striker Wormhole Productions Arm, lvl2

Fido-Rocko offspring


guided rockets





Note: Previous version here.


Buildpic: The pic was and still is very good and since it haven\'t been changed, my score isn\'t either.

Buildpic: 10


Model: The concept is very interesting and new in many sorts of way, the giant backdraw however is not really that 80% of all the detais are lost in-game, but the mind killing ammount of faces, especially downwarding and other completely useless ones. Not a single useless face on the body have been removed and the faces on the inside of the legs are still there for no apparent reason (Hey, don't blame on the SY's 3D demo recorder!) and the body can be reconstructed to have half the faces for same details, but the worst acrocity is the section between the front and rear part of the main hull where both halves end and pipes and stuff lead over from one another (you see a part of it on the big pic). This looks pretty cool, I admit, but the problem is that the missile launcher covers that section completely. I've tried everything in-game, but I can only see a glimpse of a minor bend in so all details you managed into it are lost, but alas, all the faces are still there (bothering my mind more than your CPU, really). The front feet are too big, looks more of a diver with those long rubber things attached on (hey, what are they called now?). The only score you get here is for the innovative design [0.5]. The texturing on the other hand looks rather good, reminding me in many ways of a standard OTA unit. The logo between the launchers should be the lighter variant, and the launchers themselves should be a bit different from the body, but otherwise it's fine actually [4]. The corpse this unit use is Fido's and I can't blame Cavedog for having a bad corpse, can I? Nah, but I still think that you were just too lazy to make a corpse that would take about twenty minutes of work [1].

Model: 0.5


Script: Nothing was really changed but I discovered that it actually walks perfect on the left side, it's the right side that screw things up...

Script: 5


BalanceAs you see in the stats above, the metal cost were actually increased, while the energy dropped with a thousan units. I find that pretty strange since for example Fido cost less metal, but got more energy... The reason for the cost increase is however the armor bump (that is far more than I expected: 1000 units instead of the 200 I was asking for) and the weapon range increase. Compared to Fido's weapon that does double the damage on shorter range, I actually find Striker rather balanced. Actually very balanced... Hmm... I didn't expect this turning out like this because when I saw the armor increase, I wondered "What have they done now?", but it actually seems prudent. You see it cost four times more than a Storm, having the same damage/second ratio, but it got much longer range and an armor boost that is worth two Storms. I admit I didn't expect such a turnover...

Balance: 10


My score: I've just played a game against the AI and ended up with one 150+ kills Striker and two runner ups not far from it. They are exellent con. unit busters. I will keep this one, that's for sure...

My score: 10


Total score: 7.1


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