Osirius Complete Annihilation Core, lvl1

upgraded Storm


Rocko rocket
Rocko rocket





Buildpic: The unit possesses an elegant pose but the little border the picture contains don\'t fit the CD style at all and I can guarantee that this boy is pretty bullied in the Core Kbot plant [2]. The background would be very nice if only the ground had the same general color as the mountains three clicks away. At the moment, it looks very unnatural for the dark yellow hills to change into brown just over a pixel [1.5]. The merging does look pretty good if watching the shadow effects (one of the fewer cases where the unit cast shadow on itself, actually) but then the feet seem to have zero contact with the ground for some odd reason [2].

Buildpic: 5.5


Model: The model itself looks very much like a large mech got trapped inside a shrink beam or maybe constructed of spare parts to serve as a pet for Fred the Krogoth. No underside faces have been removed and that's just a shame because this unit have to do pretty advanced stunts like lying on back to show them (which it never does, thus making the faces obsolete) + that there are several modelling mistakes that can save another bunch of faces. The launchers should have been unsymmetric and mirrored [2]. The texturing is not only lacking CD:3D, it is also very odd in general. The launchers have a very unfitting texture and the legs are all covered in the same one (not even turned to fit in somehow) [2]. The corpse i looking nice despite the face excess... [1].

Model: 5


Script: This unit lumps around in a semi-odd way. The body rocks as it takes a step, but it rocks far too fast. As always, to explain a script, I must demonstrate it on you. Rise up from that cahir and walk around. Everytime one of your legs leave the ground, headbang in the opposite direction and back before it passes the other leg. Then let the body rest until the other leg leaves the ground where you do another hyperfast headbanging. Further on the bug-seeking quest is the fact that this guy got two weapons and only the primary aims the torso. The other have a very nasty tendency to fire straight backwards in large battles where there are enemies everywhere. That is a skill that modern tanks surely envy. Suggestions are either to fix the aiming with some classy scripting or making a new weapon that have a short reloadtime but a longer delay after firing two shots.

Script: 7


BalanceOookay, lemme see... this unit costs 82% more metal than the Storm (not so much energy, though) and have exactly doubled firepower and more or less half as much armor. By minor calculations, it seems to me that double firepower equals halved armor. The improvements on this model are higher speed and doubled maneuvering abilities, yet it isn't really enough to get this balanced. If I were you, I'd dropped the costs to 160 M or thereabout and let the rest be.

Balance: 6


My score: A mystery of why this unit uses Rocko rockets even though it belongs to Core. Also a mystery what kind of strategic challence this unit contributes with, besides a high-speed Stormy boy.

My score: 3


Total score: 5.9


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