Rules before posting unit ideas

Rules v. 1.3.1…


All of these combinations must be true before you post a new unit suggestion:


1. It’s not another bridge suggestion I am by all means TIRED of them. Please use the search option to find information on previous discussions.


2. Your unit doesn’t have more than three different weapons (it can be 15 barrels, but it is the same type of weapon for all of them and they target the same target at the same time). This is the fault that most people do when suggesting units. But no sweat, I did the same too once long ago… :)


3. No wagons or alike.


4. It’s not a missile submarine… I’ve seen enough of those suggestions. It just ain’t possible, folks. People have tried and people have died. There might be ways around that are yet undiscovered, but leave this thing alone until you are a vet.


5. Buildings can not move. Submarines can't roll on land. A units can be of one single type only, so if you wanna have a combination: Forget it, please.


6. It is NOT another super unit that cost enormous amounts of resources and can kill basically anything. In other words, no Krogoth-counters! I still see people in various places posting suggestions for “The ultimate defense/offence/plane/moron” and I feel like executing them.


7. The unit have a weakness against something. Ok, land units have almost always no defense against subs, but their weapon should be either better against aircraft or other land units. A unit that is brutally effective for both would cost much more to build to maintain balance and will in some cases be killed by the previous rule.


8. The unit have strategical use. Please, I don’t want to see one another unit that looks and acts just like one of the endless twin barrel tanks! Please, be creative... There are new possibilities left to be found, you just have to think them over.


9. The unit can not make other units useless (a laser tower that costs just as much as a Gaat Gun, but does twice the damage).


10. It is not a new form of transport. There are hordes, and I mean hordes of transports at TAUS. And Airborne transports can not carry more than one unit.


11. I hope it isn’t a Gundam suggestion…


12. Remember, planes can not resurrect, capture, nor play Kamikaze.


13. Mobile units that build other mobile units, or buildings that build other buildings are impossible, just accept the facts.


14. No unit can change it's speed and suggestiong a Siege tank from StarCraft, would merely be digging your own grave.