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Some Netiquette

I’m sure that most members here doesn’t like to be flamed, burned, hated or whatever, so here comes some “tips” to turn it down a bit or avoid it completely:


1 PLEASE AVOID WRITING THE WHOLE MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS because it looks very awful and people tend to ignore those posts (I know I do).


2 Try to spell correctly because a misspelled word like “nuck” or “Korgoth” are like soap in the eyes for some people (unpleasant). Everyone spell weird from time to time, but there are some that have three faults in every sentence. Personally, I hope that I spell correctly most of the time, but I know that my grammar is awful, so next time you notice some faults of mine, please point it out for me. If you spell correct, don’t write in CAPS and use the Shift key properly, you will look at least eight times smarter than if you don’t.


3 Avoid doubleposting because some people sees it like advanced spamming. In if you make a doublepost, please use the EDIT-button at the right bottom of the targeted post and remove all text or post an excuse. Yes, an excuse makes people excuse you. It is like when you’re in the bus queue and someone happen to bump in you. If he excuses, it makes you think that he didn’t do that on purpose and therefore excuse him. If he just goes away without saying a word, that would probably make him to an ignorant pig in your eyes. Also, lately I’ve discovered a new thing around… People that makes a doublepost and then creates a third post to make an excuse. That’s just too much… :|


4. Don’t flame any newcomers until they get over 60 posts (it is the approximate time for a total newcomer to forums to adapt). Instead of pointing out their faults and therefore making them learn, some people *cough* Death7 *cough* ask the new guys to go to hell and burn (ok, for a long time now, he has been a good guy and only attacked with reasons so is now counted as the Deputy in this place). In the last case, they would probably not learn a shit but leave the forum, thinking that only evil people lives there. Until you haven’t reached 60 posts, you are under my personal protection and I will remove all kind of offense in your direction. But this “shield” doesn’t make you into superior flame warrior, it just gives you some time to learn and adjust yourself to the rest of the community.


5. The worst thing I know is a new guy that comes to the town and says “Do this mech for me! Send it to my e-mail xxxxxx@blabla.com when you’re ready”. This really angers me like few things on earth and your stay is suddenly very fragile. Listen, nobody will just make anything for you. First you have to post an interesting idea or a picture that catch our (the unitmakers here) attention. Then, after some discussion, somebody maybe will make something for you. Also note that if you are attempting to create an own unit and ask the others for help, we will do our best to solve the problem.


6. Those people that suggest units, weapons or races/TCs or whatever wouldn’t suggested that if they thought that their ideas were stupid. They post their ideas because they think that they are good, so please don’t answer with “ That idea sucks, you pathetic son of a ... ! Where do you get all your stupid ideas from?”. Instead, say “Sorry, but that idea is Impossible / Already done [name and link here] / Plain stupid because of [enter good reason here] / Unbalanced [and maybe a suggestion to improve it]”.


7. You are not your rankpic or postcount. If you posted so much that you are rewarded with a Rocko, don’t start a new topic to brag that you are because it’s lame and you will probably just get negative replies. If you get into a discussion with someone that clearly have lower postcount than you, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re smarter. There are people that have been in the community for several years yet not achieved over a hundred posts and there are people that spam all around the place to achieve over a half thousand in a couple of days. With other words, there are morons with a 2000+ postcount and there are highly intelligent people with only 20 [I refuse to say who’s who].


8. Use the smilies properly! Don’t ever say “ >:{ Not that unit!” when somebody suggest an existing unit that you already know. Say “ :o I know about that unit, but its very bad (or) I already have it. I want something else”. Try to express yourself more relaxed and in a friendly tone. Shouting at each other rarely helps and I think that most of the people here want to make new friends, not enemies.


9. There is a Search button enabled, next to the registering link. Use it to get information that you can’t find otherwise.